Communication Tool Project


Rationale: This project gives the students extra practice in the important skills that they are learning at school by allowing them to have take-home activities. This also engages the families in what the students are learning in class because they can see and help their students with what they are working on in school. This will also introduce the parts to the ocean theme that many of the classroom activities are based on.


Turtle Sight Words Activity:

  • Turtle worksheets with sight words
  • Sight word cutouts
  • Something to cover up the words with

Rainbow Fish Activity:

  • The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
  • Paper Plate
  • Kids paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Markers
  • Sequins
  • Paintbrush
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue

Ocean Counting Clip Cards:

  • Cards
  • Clothes Pins

Motivation: Can anyone tell me what our classroom theme is? Yes, our theme is oceans! I have made a bag full of fun ocean activities for you to take home! Each Friday I will fill your bag with new activities so that you can bring them home for the weekend and the next week.  There will be an instruction sheet for your parents to read about what we are learned that week and ways that they can play the games in your bag with you!


Turtle Sight Words Activity directions:

To get the game ready, simply cut everything apart and grab some small items to use as game pieces. Each player will need a maximum of 13.

Place all the hatchling call cards face down in a big “go fish” pile. The parent will select a card from this pile and read the word.
Play continues this way until all the sight words on one player’s/the childs card have been covered; they’re declared the winner!
Other players must scour their turtle card and place a game piece over the sight word if it’s present.

Play continues this way until all the sight words on one player’s card have been covered; they’re declared the winner!

*This can be done with the student or with multiple students

Clip Cards Counting:

This activity is done by counting the images on the card and then clipping a clothespin onto the correct number.

Rainbow Fish Craft:

To begin, have the older family member read the Rainbow Fish book to the kindergartener. Then make a rainbow fish craft.


  • Have child paint paper plate blue.
  • To make the scales cut a toilet paper roll in half lengthwise. The kids can now use it to dip and stamp into paint. I cut our tube in half one more time to make 4 stampers out of each toilet paper roll but you could leave them longer if you want to. My kids have little hands and don’t need much to grab onto.
  • Have child dip the cardboard tube into paint and stamp it on their fish to make the Rainbow Fish’s regular scales. I squirted paint into empty plastic lids for the kids to dip into. We used the orange paint to make mouths by squeezing the cardboard tube to make a tear drop shape. Set the paper plate aside to dry.
  • Have child glue on a googly eye and some circle sequins for the shiny scales.
  • Draw fins on the craft paper and have the child cut them out. As another option, kids could always draw their own fins for a more kid perfect touch to their craft.
  • Glue the pre-cut fins onto the paper plate.





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