Literacy Center Project

Rationale: This center teaches students sight words and helps them to learn how to form letters in a fun way.  This activity could be used to teach basic letters, or sign words, as well as the spelling of more complex words later on. It appeals to the kinesthetic trait of a kindergartener because they learn more through hands on experience and it is easier than writing on paper for students whose fine motor skills haven’t fully developed.  It also gives them the ability to have multiple attempts in writing the letters or words.


One bin halfway full of sand.

One bin with a small amount of sand in the bottom.

Laminated shell shaped sight words.


How many of you have ever played in the sand before? Today we are going to do a small center where we get to feel the sand on our fingers and practice our sight words. In one bin you will see our sight words in the sand, and in the other bin there is a small layer of sand.  You will pick out one sight words and use your finger to spell that word in the other bin of sand.


  1. Place the laminated sight words in one bin of sand.
  2. In another bin place a thin layer of sand for the students to spell the words in.
  3. Have the students choose a word and write it in the sand.




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